[fa icon="bar-chart-o"] Energy Pricing Data              

An increasing number of wholesale energy market participants, compressed margins for retail electricity and gas suppliers, and the need for improved pricing accuracy and competitiveness led TrueLight Energy to develop a suite of products delivering state-of-the-art energy pricing data and market intelligence to our clients

  •    Retail Market Customer Matrix Pricing
Detailed energy matrix pricing for all your target customer rates classes. Ability to customize market inputs and provide pricing for all the standard regional market product variations. 

  • Daily Energy Customer Customized Pricing

Daily custom pricing service. Outsource your customized pricing needs to us. Harness the ability to quickly price the larger accounts in all de-regulated markets when you need to remain competitive and ensure accuracy of costs. Come to product development experts and ensure you new product or technology bundles are priced accurately. 


  •   Electricity Forward Curves
Independent Indicative electricity forward curves at all major trading hubs and zones in both regulated and deregulated electricity markets.

  •   Ancillary Forward Curves

Proprietary ancillary forward curves at the most granular level possible for all ancillary cost components in all markets.


  •   Transmission Loss Curves
Comprehensive database of all distribution loss factors broken down by utility and rates class


  •   Utility Class Average Load Profiles

Comprehensive database of all load profiles broken down by utility and rate class.



[fa icon="signal"] Energy Pricing Analysis

Our team has channeled decades of real-world experience from managing some of the country’s largest energy trading operations and generation asset fleets in order to deliver energy intelligence and decision making solutions that deliver real value.

  • Pricing Model Review & Audit Services

Comprehensive diagnostic analysis and performance solutions for client energy pricing models in any deregulated utility, allowing client sales teams to more effectively compete in the retail marketplace and client finance teams to more accurately capture and manage costs. 


  • Utility Price to Compare Analysis

 Comprehensive database of utility price-to-compare in all deregulated markets where such data is available.


  • Energy Market Intellegence 

Detailed, independent energy market intelligence solutions and strategic consulting focused on maximizing profitability and minimizing risk for our clients.



[fa icon="signal"] Energy Savings and Margin Optimization Tools

We harness powerful proprietary data and analytics to provide our clients with insight into retail energy market headroom and competitive value propositions. Our team delivers weekly, monthly or quarterly updates explaining the drivers behind changing market conditions so that our clients can adapt quickly and efficiently. These solutions are aimed at delivering energy savings, lower acquisition costs and higher customer retention. 
  • Market Baseline Analysis

Analytical solution combining detailed utility price-to-compare data and history, default service market rules, and cost of goods sold detail. Clients also receive competitively marked pricing model inputs and load-shaping analysis, which can make the difference between winning and losing deals in the retail energy supply sector. 

  • Advanced Profitability Analytics

Forward-looking headroom analysis designed to maximize savings and margin for retail energy suppliers. Increase customer retention with this service offering. Available through weekly, monthly and quarterly updates that allow clients to anticipate the changing marketplace and quickly adapt their retail strategies. 


  • Sweet Spot and Term Optimization Tools

Pricing and customer retention tools allowing retail energy supplier clients to increase competitiveness without sacrificing profitability. Solution enables clients to match the right product with the right term in order to improve sales, maximize margin, and at the same time boost customer satisfaction.