Clean Energy Analytics

We strive to be at the forefront of a thriving and globally competitive low carbon economy as a leading service provider, innovator and information conduit. Our team has managed some of the largest renewable technology fleets in North America and combines a unique depth of industry experience, professional network, and in-house wholesale energy market capabilities. Whether you are developing an 200MW wind farm, investing in a 15MW merchant run-of-the-river hydro plant, procuring clean energy through a long-term PPA, or adding 1MW of net metered solar to your facility’s physical plant, we are the right team to secure value for your clean energy technology investment.

Clean Energy Pricing and Structuring

  •         Clean Energy Siting Analytics
Data and analysis that evaluates project development potential for clean energy projects, assesses interconnection viability with the ISO/utility, provides forward energy price assumptions and analyzes risks associated with each technology price location.  Through quantitative and fundamental energy algorithms, our team can evaluate your clean technology and match it to the right customer profile to create the optimal technology mix for each location.
  •          Energy Off-take Solutions

Our team provides clients with comprehensive analysis, strategy alignment and execution capability designed to facilitate power purchase agreement (PPA) and renewable energy credit (REC) transactions. We provide an independent commodity market view and analysis providing intelligence on the current value for all clean energy technology attributes in the wholesale and retail energy markets. 



Clean Energy Management


             Our team provides clean energy developers, investors and asset owners with direct access to wholesale energy markets, as well as execution and support services. We bring the benefits of a professional energy portfolio management team by leveraging proprietary market analysis, execution and portfolio optimization capabilities that are comparable to those typically found at large scale trading and asset management firms.


  •          Generation Asset Management

Complete asset management, regional energy market and ISO participation services, including: daily bidding and scheduling; capacity bidding and scheduling; daily output monitoring and analysis; monthly settlement and income statement reporting.

  •          Clean Energy Financial Modeling

Our solution provides clean energy developers, investors and owners with key energy performance indicators and analysis to facilitate efficient and effective generation asset management.



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