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Energy Data Analytics & Execution

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Highlight products, features, new resources or content with over 60 different icons and your own custom color.

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Highlight products, features, new resources or content with over 60 different icons and your own custom color.

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Highlight products, features, new resources or content with over 60 different icons and your own custom color.

Who We Are

We are experts in the energy market intelligence sector who even the playing field through transparent, timely updates on trends, analysis, reports, and insights.

With decades of industry experience, we know the landscape and the people in it.  Our goal is to ensure people and their businesses have a fair shot in a calculating and dynamic industry.  TRUELight offers a fresh, honest lens into the cost-saving and risk-mitigating issues you care about.

We provide energy market participants in the following markets with robust data solutions, energy market pricing transparency, and strategic execution services to maximize your profitability and minimize risk. 

  • Retail Energy
  • Wholesale Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Clean Energy Technology
  • Energy Market Investors 

We serve you all with solutions and services specific to your needs. Some of our product offerings include: 

  • Retail Energy Customer Pricing
  • Energy Data Analytics
  • Utility and Forecasted Price to Compare
  • Forward Headroom Analysis
  • Retail Customer Savings Against Utility Pricing
  • Hedge Execution and Portfolio Management
  • Energy Load Forecasting
  • Generation Asset Management
  • ISO Participation Services
  • ISO Market and Strategic Support
  • Market Intelligence and Sales Support
  • Clean Energy Product Pricing and Structuring 
  • Product Development Valuation and Modeling 
  • Emerging Technologies Solutions Battery Assets 

The energy industry is incredibly complex.  For industry participants, the difference between winning and losing is often based on how well they manage and interpret the avalanche of data that hits their systems every single day. We all work in energy, but the real power is in knowledge.

Giving you straightforward access to information is our strength—and ultimately—yours. It’s what we call “The Power of Transparency' and the core of what we do to help you make informed, profitable decision making.

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    "When it comes to growing your business in both size and profitability, there's no question of whether you should choose to partner with us. It is our desire to reset the bar for excellence in U.S. power markets by building a cutting-edge technology suite, that is continually updated with the latest information from markets, regulatory bodies, and customers." 

    Mike Constantine 

    CEO, TRUELight Energy

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