Your TRUEValue.

Do you know the current value of your book of business?  What about M&A books you are looking to acquire or sell?


As the number of mergers & acquisitions in the retail energy industry continues to grow, so does the need for due diligence valuation.  Buyers want to understand exactly what they are buying and what obligations they are assuming.  Sellers want to ensure they are receiving the most value for their assets.  Proper analysis down to the pricing line item detail provides the transparency needed to make profitable decisions.


However, the benefits of a book valuation don’t end there.  Even if you’re not involved in an M&A, getting a pulse of your book performance is invaluable in today’s marketplace.


To grow any business, one must define 3 things: the current state, the desired future state, and an actionable plan to get there.  Defining the current value of your book is a crucial benchmark to gage competitiveness, identify goals, and track progress. 


Let TRUELight be your professional, independent third-party experts for determining your TRUE value.

How It Works

TRUELight's retail energy supplier customer book valuation service is backed by our expert diagnostic analysis and retail energy pricing intelligence.  Our process is comprehensive and collaborative!


Initial discovery process to understand the current state, such as if the book has fixed price product exposure or executed hedge values.


Portfolio valuation for each of the market(s) covered by the retail book, including pricing line item detail for all cost components by utility load zone.


Deep-dive analysis results and line item cost detail back-up with commentary. We will circle up with your team to review and identify next step recommendations.

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Discover your TRUEValue.

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