Energy Brokers and Consultants

Energy Brokers and Consultants

Re-imagine the way you sell energy. We provide the latest energy market data analysis to increase customer acquisition and retention.

With the energy market landscape constantly shifting in tandem with fluctuating weather, economic conditions, and supply/demand, it’s a challenge to keep up. Having to worry about updating and maintaining the latest shifts in every U.S. energy market to keep your pricing models current is no simple task and takes away from your sales execution. However, capturing these market shifts is crucial for providing your clients with key insights and increasing sales. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


Retail Energy Matrix

We offer a retail energy pricing desk that checks against internal models or customer sweet-spot identification.

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Retail Energy Custom Pricing

Leverage TRUELight pricing tools to quickly price the larger accounts in all deregulated markets when you need to remain competitive and ensure accuracy of costs. 

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Licensed Pricing Model 

Our NEW market-tested retail energy pricing platform eliminates the staff and resources typically required to support your pricing function, with custom pricing and deal tracking at your fingertips! 

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Price Verification Services 

An affordable subscription-based energy quotation service that allows retailers to spot-check and verifies price quotes for accuracy. 

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Energy Forward Curves 

Access daily electricity forward curve pricing for all major trading hubs to inform the best possible investment and trading decisions! 

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Utility Price-to-Compare 

Our utility Price to Compare (or Standard Offer Service) historical data and tracking services for all rate classes empower our clients to make market offers and manage risk based on the most accurate, affordable data in the industry. 

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Headroom Analysis 

Current or forward headroom analysis by the market; targeted energy savings opportunities; customizable “sweet spot” market offers; comprehensive reporting. 

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Energy Market Training Services 

Let the TRUELight team support your sales team and provide the technical sales expertise needed to navigate the complex wholesale to retail energy markets and save costs by not having to hire internally for non-direct sales roles.

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Hedge Execution and Portfolio Management

The TRUELight portfolio management team provides our clients with direct access to wholesale energy markets, retail energy pricing expertise, as well as execution support services. We bring the benefits of a professional energy portfolio management team by leveraging proprietary market analysis, execution, and portfolio optimization capabilities that are comparable to those typically found at large-scale energy trading and asset management firms.

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Business Development Support

Our expert energy team will keep you updated on the latest energy market trends, equipping you with the industry knowledge to close more deals today.


Energy Broker and Advisor Management Services 

Build positive and frequent connections with your customers as a reliable source of energy market updates. We will also conduct sales team support calls that will equip you with key industry knowledge to start closing more deals today.

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TRUEMarket Market Intelligence Reporting 

We provide your team with up-to-date energy market information. This includes daily power and natural gas price movements in all your major markets, with natural gas supply and demand information, weather forecast updates, and needed utility headroom and customer savings opportunity identification.

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Customer Pricing and Savings Analysis 

We empower our clients to make market offers and manage risk based on the most accurate and affordable data. Always know where the
the market is moving with analysis from an expert, independent data source.

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Clean Off-Take Pricing and Analysis

Get expert forward energy price analysis and strategic execution capability designed to facilitate PPA and REC transactions.

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Clean Energy Siting Analysis 

TRUELight Energy’s extensive market and location analysis increases clean energy deal flow, reduces investment risk, and improves portfolio profitability for the leading clean energy technology developers. Forge the smartest path in today’s globally competitive, low-carbon energy economy by minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

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Financial Modeling and Valuation 

TRUELight will provide each client with a comprehensive diagnostic analysis and performance solution for your energy project pricing and financial modeling efforts. Support designed to allow each client’s development and operating teams the ability to meet development goals, and give your finance partners the independent valuation to accurately capture future revenue streams and costs.

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Strategic Energy Market Consulting

As you begin to delve into strategic business planning or market expansion, it can be challenging to know where to start. In fact, many organizations have difficulty articulating a desired future state. At times it can even be difficult to accurately describe and understand the current state—and stretched internal resources can prevent you from pursuing much-needed initiatives. With TRUELight Discovery™, we use a rapid discovery process to provide you with a clear picture of where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there!

Need help navigating today’s complex energy technology environment? Start with the wholesale to retail energy market experts and our TRUELight DiscoveryTM, an advanced energy market support process designed to get you started.

  • An innovative approach employed to assess the current state of your energy business environment and strategy. The working session will help identify current business process gaps, articulate your desired future state, and develop an execution road map to implement in the changing energy market complex.
  • The TRUELight DiscoveryTM process is a quick, collaborative, and interactive process. By nature, we expect to build organizational alignment and create momentum with an actionable roadmap and prioritized initiatives that will ensure success at the conclusion of the TRUELight DiscoveryTM effort.
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