Utility rate tracking and analysis that identifies customer savings opportunities.

Our Utility Price to Compare and Headroom service tiers provide easy-to-understand and actionable data that saves you and your customers time and money. 

TRUEPrice - Price to Compare

Our Electricity Utility Price-to-Compare data provides aggregated and vetted utility load profiles that support client pricing and risk management processes.  Our energy analysts meticulously track all residential, commercial and industrial rate classes for all utilities in all deregulated energy markets, empowering clients to make market offers and manage risk based on the most up-to-date and accurate data.


Price to Compare data, also known as Standard Offer Service (SOS) rates, is delivered on an outsourced basis, providing our clients with an expert, independent data check for strategic planning.

TRUEHeadroom - Current Headroom Analysis

TRUEHeadroom Analysis combines our vetted Retail Matrix Pricing and Utility Price-to-Compare data to provide a focused and easy-to-understand analysis of forward customer savings opportunities based on current market conditions.  This data creates a solution aimed at delivering energy savings, decreasing acquisition costs and increasing customer retention, and allows for targeted sales and marketing campaigns, as well as informing client procurement decisions. 


Knowing where the markets are moving allows you to focus time and resources on markets with customer savings opportunities.  Make smarter business decisions with expert headroom analysis!

TRUESavings - Forward Headroom Outlook

TRUESavings Forward Headroom Analysis takes our original TRUEHeadroom analysis a step further by tracking utility default rate auctions and wholesale energy markets to forecast future headroom opportunities


This NEW service provides unique value by allowing Retail Energy Suppliers to plan into the future for where retail vs. utility costs will be.  Our headroom analysis includes both in-depth analysis as well as easy to read graphs, making it actionable for both the pricing and sales side of your business.


Still wondering if Price to Compare and Headroom data is really necessary? 

Check out this blog post for why all Retail Suppliers & Brokers need SOS tracking & forecasting.

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Customer savings opportunities based on the latest energy market data.

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