A subscription-based service for verifying REP pricing model accuracy.

Our Price Verification Service is an affordable subscription-based model that allows retailers to spot-check and verify price quotes. Close more deals with the most accurate pricing!

Want to get an objective third-party pricing analysis on your largest and most important deals without breaking the bank?  Look no further.  This service is designed for busy REPs who need quick benchmark pricing checks for specific deal parameters to provide accurate pricing and peace of mind.

The service is simple to use.  A REP periodically sends pricing input data from actual deals to TRUELight, who will create a retail price based on our proprietary energy pricing data and methodologies.  You'll receive our verified output price with a detailed cost component breakout.  Assessment of any notable variances is available.

Let us take care of the tedious energy pricing analytics so you can get back to what you do best: selling energy.

Why REPs Love Price Verification

Affordable Turnkey Solution

Covers All Markets & Deal Sizes

Diagnostics of All Cost Components Included

Accurate & Market-Tested

Same-Day Turnaround (When Submitted by 12pm ET)

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