Your TRUEValue.

What's the difference between a good investment and a bad one?

Due diligence.


Achieve the highest value by making smarter investment decisions that will shape your position in the future energy economy and expand your client base.  TRUELight performs expert, independent book valuations and pricing model reviews to analyze the profitability of potential credit sleeve recipients.  This due diligence analysis provides the transparency needed to make profitable business decisions.


Let TRUELight be your professional, independent third-party experts for determining your TRUE value.

How it works

TRUELight's due diligence support is backed by our expert diagnostic analysis and retail energy pricing intelligence.  Our process is comprehensive and collaborative!

Pricing Model Review

1.)  Get an expert review of the current pricing model calculations and input assumptions for accuracy to current market environment.

2.)  Receive parallel pricing output from TRUELight's internal models using the current customers and pricing inputs.

3.)  Get a customized analysis of current accuracy of the pricing model(s) as well as action steps to increase competitiveness in target markets.


Book Valuation

1.)  Receive a comprehensive account level forward forecast and individual pricing component build-up, broken out by product and load zone.

2.)  Customize the valuation to include fixed price product offerings, executed hedge values, operating expenses-related costs, product margin assumptions, etc.!

3.)  Receive book valuation analysis report and line item cost detail back-up with commentary, as well as next step action items.

Let's get started!

Discover your TRUEValue.

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