Wholesale to Retail Energy Market Credit Providers

Wholesale to Retail Energy Market Credit Providers

TRUELight Energy is a leading wholesale to retail energy services company. We support our wholesale market clients with strategic risk management analysis, outsourced business processes, and data subscriptions that help you focus on your core credit management business. 

For your retail suppliers’ clients, we can provide expert oversight to ensure the profitability of its book and the integrity of its retail pricing models. A flawed model can result in a failure to win business, or worse, winning unprofitable business. 

We can provide the comprehensive diagnostic analysis and performance improvement solutions designed to allow a client’s sales team to more effectively and profitably compete in the retail marketplace, and its finance team to more accurately capture and manage costs. In addition, we provide you with peace of mind around acquisition due diligence, given the complexity of valuing a load-serving contracted book of business. TRUELight offers an expert, independent, unbiased book valuation service. 



Retail Book Valuation Modeling

Let our team be your independent third-party experts for retail energy book valuation support.

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Pricing Model Support Analytics–Pricing Model Review 

Give your energy pricing models an expert, comprehensive check-up to detect any under- or over-pricing that may be shrinking your margins!

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Energy Data Forward Curves 

Access daily electricity forward curve pricing for all major trading hubs to inform the best possible investment and trading decisions!

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Generation Financial Modeling and Valuation 

TRUELight will provide each client with a comprehensive diagnostic analysis and performance solution for your energy project pricing and financial modeling efforts. Support designed to allow each client’s development and operating teams the ability to meet development goals, and give your finance partners the independent valuation to accurately capture future revenue streams and costs.

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Strategic Energy Market Consulting 

As you begin to delve into strategic business planning or market expansion, it can be challenging to know where to start. In fact, many organizations have difficulty articulating a desired future state. At times it can even be difficult to accurately describe and understand the current state, and stretched internal resources can prevent you from pursuing much-needed initiatives. With TRUELight Discovery™, we use a rapid discovery process to provide our clients with a clear picture of where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there!

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Credit Sleeve Origination and Negotiation 

Let the TRUELight team come in and provide an assessment of current financing options available in the retail supplier credit support sector. The proposed solution would provide for expert oversight and management support for securing a preferred supplier ISO and wholesale energy market credit and collateral agreement.

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